Mjölnir strikes down the weak!

In this event, all players cooperate to protect the Kingdom of Askr from the massive advancing army of the god of war, Thórr!

Flow of Mjölnir's Strike:
  • Brace phase: Ready your defenses by editing Midgard's Shield. (Lasts for several days.)
  • Shield phase: Weather the foe's onslaught to accumulate offensive power. (Lasts for one day.)
  • Counter phase: Deal damage to the foe using the offensive power you gained. (Lasts for one day.)

If the Kingdom of Askr's army inflicts more overall damage on the foe than the foe inflicts on them, you win!

Prepare your forces for battle! Select Edit Shield Map to build and improve your mechanisms and form a defensive team.

There are many differences between ordinary battles and Mjölnir's Strike battles. For example, your Heroes can Pair Up into mode-specific roles, and Mythic Heroes can receive stat bonuses. The Test Defenses feature can help you get used to the ins and outs of this event.

Weather an onslaught in a defensive battle! Protect your Gateways for seven turns to claim victory.

The score that you earn during the Shield phase serves as the basis for your offensive power during the Counter phase. You can play a Shield-phase battle as many times as you like, so get your score as high as you can!

If your score is high enough, you may be promoted to a higher Tier after the Counter phase is over. The higher your Tier, the better your rewards!

Strike back to inflict damage!

Your offensive power is decided by your Tier and your score from the Shield phase. You can attack as many times as you like, as long as you have Counter Arrows to use. You can also use multiple Counter Arrows at once.

When the Counter phase ends, you will claim victory in Mjölnir's Strike if the overall damage inflicted by the Kingdom of Askr's army is greater than that inflicted by the opposing army. If you win, the Askr LV. will increase. If you lose, it will decrease.

As the number of attacks made by the Kingdom of Askr's army builds over an hourly period, a combo bonus for that hour may activate. The overall damage inflicted is updated every hour, taking this combo bonus into account.

When your army is weaker, you will do five times as much damage when attacking! Beware, though: the same holds true for the opposing army when they are weaker.

Mjölnir's Strike offers the following rewards:

・Tier Rewards
Rewards based on the results of the defense battle and your Tier
・Askr LV. Rewards
Rewards based on the Askr LV. (determined by whether players win or lose in Mjölnir's Strike)

Play during both the Shield phase and Counter phase to earn as many rewards as you can!