Fire Emblem Heroes Privacy Policy

Last Updated: February 6, 2020

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Nintendo"), has established this Fire Emblem Heroes Privacy Policy (hereinafter "Policy") that describes the handling of your information by Nintendo through the use of the Fire Emblem Heroes application (hereinafter the "Application").

In order to use the Application, you must agree to the Policy. Before agreeing to the Policy, please read all the articles of the Policy. In using the Application, you must also agree to the Fire Emblem Heroes User Agreement. This Policy comprises a part of the Fire Emblem Heroes User Agreement.

Use of the Application is restricted to Customers ages 13 or older. If you are 13 years of age or older, but are less than the age of majority where you live, you must have a legal representative, such as a parent or guardian, to accept this Policy on your behalf.

1. Information Nintendo Collects

Nintendo may collect the following types of information from you when you use the Application.

1.1 Information about You

When you use the Application, Nintendo may collect certain information you provide. This information could include some or all of the following: your country or region of residence, your language setting, user nickname, your opinion, your inquiries, and your friend relationships.

1.2 Information Nintendo Collects When You Use the Application

Nintendo may collect information about your use of the Application and your actions within the Application. This could include following information about your device, your interactions with other users, content that you create, and your purchases.

1.2.1 Information about Your Device and Connection Environment

Nintendo may, from your device, collect information about your device and your connection environment, such as the product model, operating system, internet service provider, device settings, IP address, and other identifiers unique to the device.

1.2.2 Information about Your Use and Your Interactions with Other Users

When you use the Application or interact with other users on the Application, Nintendo may collect the content you create, the information that you provide, and your usage history. This could include information about your game play, purchase history, relationships with other users, images, and crash reports.

1.2.3 Information about Your Purchases

When purchasing Paid Content or In-game Currency in the Application, Nintendo will not directly obtain information about the purchase (payment information such as credit card numbers, account authentication information, and contact information such as billing address), since payment of Paid Content or In-game Currency is handled by third party payment services. However, when needed, Nintendo may obtain the above information from the payment services companies after the fact.

1.2.4 Your Account Information on the Nintendo Account Service

By linking your Nintendo Account with the Application, Nintendo may collect information related to your Nintendo Account, such as your login credentials, profile, relationships with others, and your use history.

1.2.5 Information about Your Account on Third Party Services

When you link your Application with a third party service, Nintendo may collect information related to your account on such third party service, such as your login credentials, profile, and relationships with others.

1.2.6 Cookies

Nintendo may use cookies (including similar technologies) when you use the Application. Cookies are small data files that are downloaded to your device. They are used to help the Application run safely and smoothly, and for Nintendo to obtain information about your desired settings.

2. Use of Information

Nintendo may use your information for the following purposes. Unless otherwise permitted by law, Nintendo will obtain your consent in advance before using your information for any purpose not related to those described in this Policy.

2.1 Providing Services on the Application

Nintendo may use your information to provide and maintain services on the Application, to protect you and Nintendo, to prevent and investigate illegal activities, and to prevent and investigate violations of the Fire Emblem Heroes User Agreement.

2.2 Market Research for Service and Product Improvement

Nintendo may use your information for Nintendo and third parties to improve services and products, and to develop and provide new services.

2.3 Advertisement and Marketing

Nintendo may use your information to provide you information about services and products of Nintendo and third party companies. This may include introductions of features specific to you, customized content recommendations and offers, and advertisements and promotions tailored to you (including through the notification page of the Application, within services that Nintendo provides, or within third party web services, including Linked Services).

2.4 Provision of Nintendo Account Services

If you link the Application to your Nintendo Account, Nintendo may use information collected through the Application to provide and maintain the services provided through the Nintendo Account to protect Nintendo and other users, and to research and prevent illegal acts or violations of Nintendo's user agreements. This includes creation of friend relationships on other Nintendo services linked to the Nintendo Account based on your friend relationships on the Application, and using information obtained through the Application to send notifications about the Application or the services provided through the Nintendo Account to the email address registered on the Nintendo Account.

2.5 Inquiry Handling

If you make inquiries to Nintendo about problems occurring in your use of the Application, Nintendo may use your information to resolve such problems.

2.6 Creation and Provision of De-Identified Data

Nintendo may provide your information to its third party partners to improve usability of products and services, and as a reference for developing new products and services. In this case, the information will be provided in a de-identified format, and Nintendo will prohibit any activities that would re-identify you as an individual from this information.

2.7 Creation and Provision of Statistics Information

Nintendo may use your information for statistical purposes in an anonymized format in which you cannot be identified as an individual. Nintendo or third parties appointed by Nintendo may use this information to improve services, operations, and marketing activities, to improve the usability of products and services, and as a reference for developing new products and services.

3. Sharing of Information

Nintendo may share your information with a third party in the following cases.

3.1 Disclosing within the Applications or on a Website

Your information, such as your user nickname, appearance of the player and content that you create may be disclosed within the Application or on a website to others as part of the use of the Application.

3.2 Third Party Processing of Information

Nintendo may delegate the processing of your information to its affiliated companies and sub-contractors based on instructions from Nintendo.

3.3 Shared Use among Affiliated Companies

Nintendo may share and jointly use your information with the companies listed here for the purposes specified in Article 2. In this case, Nintendo is responsible for the protection of your information and its consistent usage with this Policy.

3.4 When Nintendo Has Your Consent

In some cases with your consent, Nintendo may share your information with a third party.

3.5 When Required by Law

When disclosure is required by law, Nintendo may disclose your information to a third party without your consent.

4. Information Control

4.1 Disclosure and Revision of Your Information

In some cases you may be able to revise or delete the information you have provided to Nintendo, or exercise control over certain uses of that information, through the settings on the Application. You may also request details about revisions, additions, and deletions of the information you provided and the information Nintendo gathered about you through the Application by submitting a request to the Nintendo contact points for inquiries described in this Policy.

However, Nintendo may decide not to disclose certain details about your information to you if any of the following situations apply. Nintendo will, without delay, inform you if Nintendo decides not to disclose some or all of your information.

4.2 Disabling Cookies

Through your browser settings, you may be able to disable cookies or receive warnings when cookies are sent. If you disable cookies, you may become unable to use some or all of the features of the Application.

5. Information Protection

Nintendo uses reasonable measures, and has established reasonable safeguards, to help protect your information from loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

6. Retention and Transfer of Your Information

To the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use set forth in Article 2, your information will be transferred, retained and processed not only in Japan but in several countries of the world including the countries where Nintendo's sub-contractors and Nintendo's affiliated companies set forth in Article 3.3 locate. Nintendo takes appropriate measures to protect your information in accordance with any applicable laws.

7. Changes to the Policy

Nintendo may change this Policy at any time. Revisions to this Policy shall be posted on the Application, and shall be effective as of the time of their posting. When using the Application, please check the newest version of the Policy at all times.

8. Contact Information

If you would like to contact Nintendo about this Policy or how your information is handled by Nintendo, you may fill out and send the inquiry form within the Application, or such other method designated by Nintendo.